Webform show/hide based on assigned user

Hi! I really need an answer to this issue. I have 3 different users, each one with a different role. The user ‘EVALUADOR EXTERNO AUTOR’ is the one that’s going to create an instance of the webform ‘DPG_1-FRM’, as seen in picture attached, called ‘1’ and ‘2’.

The user called ‘EDITOR ASOCIADO’ should be able to see the documents ‘1’ and ‘2’ created by ‘EVALUADOR EXTERNO AUTOR’ and assign that document to the user ‘eval’ in order to be reviewed (‘eval’ is an evaluator). User ‘eval’ shouldn’t see the document until it’s assigned to him.
In the next 2 pictures, no documents are showing. ‘EVALUADOR EXTERNO AUTOR’ is the only one able to see that but it should appear to ‘EDITOR ASOCIADO’ too. There’s also gonna be multiple users with these 3 roles, so an user ‘EVALUADOR EXTERNO AUTOR’ shouldn’t see documents created by another ‘EVALUADOR EXTERNO AUTOR’.

The question is, how to grant these permissions when they have the same roles and assign the files to the speficied user (without desk access, only working on webform).