WebForm Table Permission

Cannot add permission on how to disable create, edit and delete on WebForm Table.

The table is set to read only on webform but it is still editable

How can I set this up?

I have made some revisions on frappe/frappe/templates/generators/web_form.html

    {% if field.read_only == 0 %}
            <button class='btn btn-default btn-sm btn-remove'><i class='icon-remove'></i></button>
    {% endif %}
    {% if field.read_only == 0 %}
    <p><button class='btn btn-default btn-sm btn-add-row'
            data-fieldname='{{ field.fieldname }}'>{{ _("Add Row") }}</button></p>
    {% endif %}

Can this be included on official release?

Send a Pull request with why and how in brief, if at all accepted it will be shipped with next round of update.

Oh, how can I do that?

@jeffbangquil pust commit and push your code to your github fork. From there you will be able to create a pull request. We would be happy to merge the fix.

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