Webforms suddenly show blank page

Suddenly today my custom webforms and standard ERPNext webforms are not shown on websites. Including all the navbar and footer. Just blank white page.
For pages with sidebar, the sidebars, navbar, and footer are displayed, but not the form.

Inspecting element I see the web_form.css has display:none for body.
If I comment out this parameter, the page shows navbar and footer. But not the form.

Why is this suddenly happen when I never did any change to any js, html, Jinja, related to webforms?

Did you check for any errors on the browser’s console? I found the other day that Frappé / ERPNext had exceeded the available space to store data locally in the browser and I had to clear the localStorage to be able to visualize anything.

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There is no error at all.
Clearing localStorage also doesn’t change it.

And I don’t think it is local problem because using other browser is the same. Even from other computer in other location over the internet is the same.

I look at original frappe/frappe/website/css/web_form.css is having this body{display:none} so this should not be the problem as well.

Maybe this caused by the webform taking data from the doctype. I’ll take a look.

Were you able to solve this issue, @rahy?

Yes. But I forgot what I did.
If I remember correctly it was caused by the unfinished bench build on frappe.
So I restart the server and redo the bench build on frappe.