Webhook for auto sms

Tried to configure webhook for auto sms but it doesn’t seem to working. What have I done wrong?

Doctype : Lead
Trigger : after_insert

Add the data to body. In the shared screenshot it is added as headers

All of it should be moved to the webhook data section? The apikey and sender is static information and is not pulled from the doc.

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I don’t use textlocal, I searched the textlocal docs for you,

It shows the POST http request is being made with data as body and not as headers.

If you need to customize body, use json and build your own json response with jinja template in webhook.

Sorry but can you help me out here with the code. Not much technical knowledge.

Comma (,) missing on every line.

Do not add comma on last line. E.g. DO NOT "message": "test"

Hello, can you please guide me as to where I can find the log of the response for this request?

Execute following in your frappe-bench directory

grep -H webhook_ logs/*

In frappecloud. Any place I can view them?