Webhook Old & New value on update?

Hello everyone,

I am building an e-commerce integration with ERPNext with some custom features for a client (B2B Platform), and for that, I am working with webhooks to synchronize the two systems.

The problem I am facing is that I’m linking the Items of the two systems using the Item Codes, but the client needs sometimes to change the Item Code for some items, and by doing it, I need to know when receiving the on_update event webhook the old value of the item to do the update on the other system. Now I am receiving in the webhooks only the new values.

Another solution would be to use the Activity logs, like those displayed at the bottom of Item pages and search for the latest log (renaming one) and get the old value from there. But for that, I have to use API requests to get this information, and I don’t find the appropriate Doctype logging the renaming information, I did check the Version Doctype, which is great for all changes but unfortunately, it doesn’t contain renaming logs.

Thanks for your time in advance ^^

Please ?