Webhook Request Log limited

Hello guys,

I’m working with a webhook, for when I add a New Student to my Education Module, it triggers a webhook to add it also to another endpoint that I need, and it’s working perfectly.

I also have a Server Script, that uses this Webhook Request Log, to make another action, which was working just fine as well, but today I realized, that this webhook request log, when I make a GET REQUEst, it’s limited to return only 20 logs, and I’d need to get every request log in this GET request, any Idea on how I could fix it to let the Webhook Request log return everything instead of only the first 20?

Problem solved guys.

Apparently when we make a GET Request in Webhook REquest Log endpoint:

http:///api/resource/Webhook Request Log

It has an stantard pagination of showing only 20 items per page.

So I set a param to show more than 20 items, and it’s solved!!!

http:///api/resource/Webhook Request Log/?limit_page_length=2000