[Webinar] Making Frappe Products GDPR Compliant


Frappe became GDPR Compliant a few months ago and we’re hosting a webinar on how Frappe, with the help of our partners in EU, Prighter, made our products Frappe Cloud and Frappe School compliant!

Since GDPR is important not just in the European region but otherwise as well, we can’t wait to tell you about all the opportunities it opens up for us, our partners and our customers!

The Webinar is scheduled for the 13th of May, 5:30PM IST, this Friday! Here’s the event link and click HERE to add the event to your calendar! See you!

Our speakers for the event will be the legal teams from Frappe and Prighter:
Ankita Roychoudhury (Frappe)
Yashodhara Shukla (Frappe)
Andreas Matzler (Prighter) and
Charlotte Mason (Prighter)

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This is happening today! Don’t miss out on our #GDPRCompliance webinar at 5:30PM IST!

Here’s the zoom link!

Check out the event here How We Made Frappe Products GDPR Compliant