Webinar: Migrating to India Compliance (v14) and setting up e-Invoicing


Dear Community,

A lot of users are having issues migrating to India Compliance (v14). Additionally, many users will be legally required to generate e-Invoices starting 1st Oct. 2022. To make these transitions easy for you, we’re organizing a webinar at 4 pm tomorrow (30th Sept. 2022).

It will cover the following topics:

  • Migrating to v14 and India Compliance, including dealing with some of the breaking changes introduced
  • Information about e-Invoicing law (and additional applicability from 1st Oct 2022)
  • Registering for e-Invoicing and generating e-Invoices automatically with India Compliance (live demo)

@Smit_Vora and I will also answer any and all questions relating to India Compliance towards the end of this webinar.

Please note these event details:

Friday, September 30 · 4:00 – 4:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/epx-xhex-upm
Phone numbers: https://tel.meet/epx-xhex-upm?pin=6428865577726

Note: the meeting will be recorded for later viewing on YouTube.

See you there!


Webinar will start shortly. Please join.

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Please share YouTube video link.

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We’ve uploaded the video on Google Drive for now (Link)

Key Moments

Time Description
01:22 Live Migration from v13 to v14
18:19 e-Invoice Live Demo
28:45 Q&A

Feel free to adjust playback speed as per your convenience :sweat_smile:


Thank you.

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I am facing 1019: Incorrect Password error when trying to generate IRN Number in erpnext.
Below is my integration request log:

{“name”:“e68aaae5e4”,“owner”:“Administrator”,“creation”:“2023-11-21 15:32:57.197466”,“modified”:“2023-11-21 15:32:57.197466”,“modified_by”:“Administrator”,“docstatus”:0,“idx”:0,“request_id”:“5a37a421-a6eb-4983-8382-2c9f6158d027”,“integration_request_service”:“India Compliance API”,“is_remote_request”:0,“status”:“Failed”,“url”:“https://asp.resilient.tech/test/ei/api/invoice",“request_headers”:"{\n “gstin”: “01AMBPG7773M002”,\n “password”: “",\n “requestid”: “ea740083aa9f”,\n “user_name”: “adqgspjkusr1”,\n “x-api-key”: "”\n}”,“data”:“{\n “BuyerDtls”: {\n “Addr1”: “Mumbai”,\n “Addr2”: “Ghatkopar East”,\n “Gstin”: “36AMBPG7773M002”,\n “LglNm”: “AMol”,\n “Loc”: “Mumbai”,\n “Pin”: 500055,\n “Pos”: “01”,\n “Stcd”: “36”,\n “TrdNm”: “AMol”\n },\n “DispDtls”: {\n “Addr1”: “Mumbai”,\n “Addr2”: “Ghatkopar West”,\n “Loc”: “Mumai”,\n “Nm”: “Mumbai”,\n “Pin”: 193501,\n “Stcd”: “01”\n },\n “DocDtls”: {\n “Dt”: “21/11/2023”,\n “No”: “JHttsu”,\n “Typ”: “INV”\n },\n “EwbDtls”: {\n “Distance”: 0\n },\n “ItemList”: [\n {\n “AssAmt”: 10.0,\n “CesAmt”: 0,\n “CesNonAdvlAmt”: 0,\n “CesRt”: 0,\n “CgstAmt”: 0.9,\n “Discount”: 0,\n “GstRt”: 18.0,\n “HsnCd”: “100001”,\n “IgstAmt”: 0,\n “IsServc”: “N”,\n “PrdDesc”: “Scrap A”,\n “Qty”: 1.0,\n “SgstAmt”: 0.9,\n “SlNo”: “1”,\n “TotAmt”: 10.0,\n “TotItemVal”: 11.8,\n “Unit”: “NOS”,\n “UnitPrice”: 10.0\n }\n ],\n “PayDtls”: {\n “CrDay”: 1,\n “PaidAmt”: 0,\n “PaymtDue”: 12.0\n },\n “SellerDtls”: {\n “Addr1”: “Mumbai”,\n “Addr2”: “Ghatkopar West”,\n “Gstin”: “01AMBPG7773M002”,\n “LglNm”: “Atrina Technologies Pvt Ltd.”,\n “Loc”: “Mumai”,\n “Pin”: 193501,\n “Stcd”: “01”,\n “TrdNm”: “Mumbai”\n },\n “ShipDtls”: {\n “Addr1”: “Mumbai”,\n “Addr2”: “Ghatkopar East”,\n “Gstin”: “36AMBPG7773M002”,\n “LglNm”: “AMol”,\n “Loc”: “Mumbai”,\n “Pin”: 500055,\n “Stcd”: “36”,\n “TrdNm”: “AMol”\n },\n “TranDtls”: {\n “RegRev”: “N”,\n “SupTyp”: “B2B”,\n “TaxSch”: “GST”\n },\n “ValDtls”: {\n “AssVal”: 10.0,\n “CesVal”: 0,\n “CgstVal”: 0.9,\n “Discount”: 0,\n “IgstVal”: 0,\n “OthChrg”: 0.0,\n “RndOffAmt”: 0.2,\n “SgstVal”: 0.9,\n “TotInvVal”: 12.0\n },\n “Version”: “1.1”\n}”,“output”:“{\n “message”: “1019 : Incorrect Password”,\n “success”: false\n}”,“error”:“1019 : Incorrect Password”,“reference_doctype”:“Sales Invoice”,“reference_docname”:“INV-2023-00009”,“doctype”:“Integration Request”,“__last_sync_on”:“2023-11-21T10:15:29.019Z”}

Did you follow the steps specified here for credentials?

I have already installed India Compliance.

But my question is for E-Invoicing I have to pay to india compliance only or to both India Compliance and GSP Provider Adaequare.

Any comments on this?

You have to pay only to India Compliance for Purchasing Credits.No Purchase is required from Adeaquare.
The app is free and open source, allowing you to access most features without any cost. However, there are charges associated with support and API credits.
Credits are the API Requests you purchase. 1 Credit = 1 API Request. This is one request carried out by you to the NIC or Govt Portal to request or process any data.

For more information: https://docs.indiacompliance.app/


Thanks for the reply.

I have one more doubt that is there any interconnection between India compliance and Adaequare.

I have this question because we have to select GSP provider as Adaequare on E-Invoice government portal. so, if we don’t have Adaequare Subscription we can hit the E-Invoice APIs?

GST APIs are not distributed directly by the government. They are distributed by authorized GSPs and ASPs.

Resilient Tech has registered as an ASP with Adaequare GSP, and is required to follow the guidelines prescribed for ASPs.


I got your point but we here had to create an userid and password on the E-Invoice government portal where we had choose the GSP which here was Adaequare so do we have to get the service from Adaequare?

No, you don’t have to get the services from Adaequare. You only need to register on the India Compliance Account.