Webinar: Migrating to India Compliance (v14) and setting up e-Invoicing


Dear Community,

A lot of users are having issues migrating to India Compliance (v14). Additionally, many users will be legally required to generate e-Invoices starting 1st Oct. 2022. To make these transitions easy for you, we’re organizing a webinar at 4 pm tomorrow (30th Sept. 2022).

It will cover the following topics:

  • Migrating to v14 and India Compliance, including dealing with some of the breaking changes introduced
  • Information about e-Invoicing law (and additional applicability from 1st Oct 2022)
  • Registering for e-Invoicing and generating e-Invoices automatically with India Compliance (live demo)

@Smit_Vora and I will also answer any and all questions relating to India Compliance towards the end of this webinar.

Please note these event details:

Friday, September 30 · 4:00 – 4:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/epx-xhex-upm
Phone numbers: https://tel.meet/epx-xhex-upm?pin=6428865577726

Note: the meeting will be recorded for later viewing on YouTube.

See you there!


Webinar will start shortly. Please join.

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Please share YouTube video link.

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We’ve uploaded the video on Google Drive for now (Link)

Key Moments

Time Description
01:22 Live Migration from v13 to v14
18:19 e-Invoice Live Demo
28:45 Q&A

Feel free to adjust playback speed as per your convenience :sweat_smile:


Thank you.

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