Webinar on ERPNext for the Services Business

Hello Community,

First webinar of ERPNext product demonstration went well. It was attended by more than 20 people, from different countries. Moving forward, we will be conducting webinars based on domains like manufacturing, services, retail, education etc.

Next weeks webinar will be on how to implement ERPNext for the services business.

Click here to join the webinar.

Please join meeting on 15-Nov-2016 at 6.30 P.M. IST (1.00 P.M. UTC) to 7.30 P.M. IST (2.00 P.M. UTC)

Looking forward to hear from you.


@umair are you guys going to be recording them so they can be published on youtube?

Good topic


It would be nice to have a calendar file so We can save it on our phones, that way We won’t forget this kind of important meetings, I think it can be issued from the gotomeeting interface.

Thanks for your interest @woakes070048. I will surely try it in the upcoming webinar.


Thanks for the suggestion. Seems like Gotomeeting doesn’t have this feature readily available. For now, please add to your calender locally. From the next webinar onwards, I consider adding additional for the calendar invite.

Right @axatech01. It helps in getting reminder. Somehow I missed too from my schedule.

Looking forward to this.

Starting in 10 mins!

ok, ready from Managua :sunny:


Live now at GoTo

Thanks. It looks like the address changes for each meeting. I guess we should come here to get it for each meeting.