Webinar on ERPNext Version 8 Updates

Yes. Loan deducted will be shown in the Salary Slip.

Hi @umair,

That’s good news!
Today is 6 march :smile: !
Is there an URL for the beta version?
How can we upgrade to the beta version (I installed the production erpnext site)?

error for https://beta.erpnext.com/desk:

Works fine for us. Go to https://beta.erpnext.com , and then click on Launch Demo.

Thanks @umair, but error is still there.

Anyway, I want to test it on my own erpnext install, how can I switch to v8.0 beta?

If you are on develop branch, then just an update should do it. For now, we don’t have changed version to 8.0, hence you might still see V7.2.##

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What is the reason that the beta version hasn’t been announced so far?
If I stand correctly the previous beta was announced on the forum and the Frappe blog.

This time I haven’t seen any announcement, or did I miss something?

As rightly indicated, we have delayed version 8 release a bit. We have recently merged Email Inbox feature in the develop branch. We still need another 2 weeks time for internal testing. After that, you can expect version 8 beta release.

More than happy that you have time to get this right and tested and happy before releasing the Beta. Don’t rush :wink:

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about wording kanban board

the term kanban comes from japanese and means (same as in chinese) something like board to look at.

so, a kanban board now is then a board to look at board which is a little silly I guess.


@vrms the root of the word doesn’t matter, what matter is the wide spread agreed upon definition that given to the word.
When you use Kanban by itself, people associate it with Kanban process or approach for managing and scheduling manufacturing process. here is the wiki Kanban, also for the case of software development, Kanban by itself means the software management system that developers can use to make a decision. here is the wiki Kanban

but Kanban Board is widely agreed on and understood to be a tool of visualization for Kanban method. here is the wiki Kanban Board

At least this how Kanban and kanban Board are understood in English, maybe its differentiated in another way in Chinese and Japanese . and Erpnext just use the visualization part of Kanban; therefore, Kanban board is the correct use in that case.

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understood. seems we disagree on that matter though

Its not with me you disagree, its with english language and how it borrows from other languages :slight_smile:

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if you say so …

Actually Kanban in this context, is taken from the Toyota Production System ( TPS) (ref The Toyota Way).

I know I am neatpicking here but Kanban is already a board in Japanese , so you can not say Kanban Board as you would say twice the same thing basically…