Webinar on ERPNext Version 8 Updates

Hello Community,

Join our next webinar to learn about new features added in ERPNext version 8. Some of the features which will be showcased in this session are:

  1. Global Search
  2. Kanban Board
  3. Customer Feedback
  4. Simplified Data Import Tool
  5. Updated in management of Custom Permissions
  6. Employee Loan Management

This webinar is scheduled on Tuesday, 21st February 2017 from 4.30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. IST (1100 to 1200 hrs UTC).

To join the webinar, go to https://www.gotomeet.me/erpnext and then click on a button Join my Meeting.


hi @umair,

great news!
but where is the global inbox? :slight_smile:

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Email Inbox feature is still is development. Also, we have more features added in ones listed here. Perhaps we can arrange another session for the rest of version 8 features.

ah sounds cool @umair, what are the other features?

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Hi Umair

Great job and please is Email inbox will be existed in V8 or not?



Yes, It will exist in v8

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what’s the release date of version 8?

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Starting session in two hours from now.

@umair are u going to post the video later on?

Hi @umair,

why don’t you post your webinar announcements on the main erpnext website? (alongside this forum). It is good publicity for erpnext !

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You can expect it in the future upgrades. @JoEz we will record and post on a Youtube later on.

Starting in 40 mins.

Webinar recording is here:


Hi @umair,

Interesting updates.

On Doc Permission, how will those from v7 who have set doctype permission upgrade to v8 be affected?


Hi all,

Great new features. We would want to see the following simple additions to complete the features in:

  1. Customer Feedback
    a) A connection between feedback results and employee appraisal

  2. Employee Loan Management
    a) Rules/constraints for borrowing e.g. an employee cannot borrow more than n% of net salary (or savings) or employee cannot have more than n outstanding loans
    b) Maximum loan-book for a company as a flat figure or a percentage of some predefined account e.g. previous years net earnings
    c) Some sort of employee savings scheme (the opposite of loans) where employees can save a fixed amount from their pay into an account (such as b above) and borrow from the same using rules in a above.

Otherwise the rest of the features are just wonderful (and long overdue perhaps). Thank you.

Thanks. Please create Github Issues for your feature suggestions.

Thanks for sharing this webinar @umair . Do we know date of release for version 8?

Beta version will be available for testing from 6th March for the community. Full release can be expected later this month.

that is great news to hear, will the loan management system will be integrated with payroll,will the payroll system automatically deduct the amount which the employee agrees to be deducted per month, if so it will be greater.thanks