Webinar: Scale your business using ERPNext with Phamos GmbH

Wolfram Schmidt is the Founder of phamos GmbH, based out of Germany. He was looking for software that could track timesheets and put them on invoices with just one click. His core requirement was to find an open-source software that is cross-platform-compatible, and that is how he came across ERPNext in 2016.

After using ERPNext for 6 good years, he chose to become an official partner with Frappe. He successfully implemented #ERPNext for many organizations in Germany and the European market.

In this webinar, Wolfram will walk you through his success story of implementing ERPNext and his partnership journey with Frappe.

Mayank Nahata is looking after sales in the European market. He will give you insights on the benefits of using ERPNext, followed by a QnA session.

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82012977040
Meeting ID: 820 1297 7040


Learn about Wolfram Schmidt’s partner success story with #ERPNext and #Frappe for the European market.

The webinar will take place tomorrow; here are the Zoom login credentials:

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82012977040

Meeting ID: 820 1297 7040

JFYI, 3pm IST is 11:30 CEST for anybody joining from Europe.

“ERPNext will let you scale up to help your organization speed up its processes. phamos GmbH specializes in the #German and #European markets and can assist you with localization. ERPNext will convert your work and match your needs because it has good translational capabilities.”

These are some behind-the-scenes stories from the webinar. Wolfram Schmidt from phamos GmbH narrates his partner success story, which may be found here.

Mayank Nahata will assist you in comprehending the overall operation of open source technology. This will help you understand the Frappe and #ERPNext ecosystems better

Take a look at it right now!

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