Webinar: Sync your bank transactions with Plaid in ERPNext

In our upcoming webinar, watch a live demo for synchronizing bank account transactions with an ERPNext instance for reconciling financial entries using Plaid integration.

Join us at 10:30 AM EDT or 8 PM IST on 23rd March 2022 for an interactive session with @Kundendu_Singh and @rijulchaturvedi .

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@Kundendu_Singh Please double check your appointment system. The US is switching to Daylight Savings Time this weekend so the GMT offset will be 1 hour different.

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noted we will be there

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A question came up in the Webinar regarding Credit Card accounts. I looked for a definitive answer and couldn’t find it. But the Plaid website does say “Personal loans and credit cards” on this page. I think, but can’t confirm, that if you have credit cards associated with a Plaid-supported bank, then you can pull in those transactions.

For example, in the demo we saw Wells Fargo and they showed a Checking account and a Savings account. If they also had a Visa or Mastercard credit account associated with that bank account they should be able to see the transactions.
Similarly, if you had a credit card at Wells Fargo but it wasn’t associated with the first account that you set up in Plaid, you could go back in and set up a second bank account and use the credentials for that account. The data would then come in 2 separate pulls. The first would have Checking and Savings and the second would have the credit card.

Again, I am pretty sure that is how it works but can’t point to firm documentation. And of course, if you have a credit card that isn’t supported by Plaid you won’t be able to pull.

We have seen Plaid grow over the last few years. Here is a link to their current coverage.

Lastly, Plaid is not the only source. In Europe there are several options including one that we are watching called “Saltedge” that I think operates in a similar fashion.

Thanks @rijulchaturvedi and @Kundendu_Singh for a great webinar.

The recording for the webinar is ready! :video_camera:

You can click here to watch it!

The only way to confirm anything is testing it out.

Anyway thanks for putting it out there!