[Webinar] Using ERPNext for U.S. businesses

Hey there!

Are you looking to know more about using ERPNext for U.S. businesses?

Join us in our webinar to hear from @MichaelPinkowski president at Parsimony and an ERPNext community member, about why he thinks ERPNext is the perfect ERP solution for any business based in the United States.

He will be joined by @Kundendu_Singh , our host and Business Development Manager at Frappe for an AMA session to answer your questions.

When: 10.30 AM EDT on 29th April 2022

Where: Register here to receive the meeting link

Hope to see you there!


Hi! the link is pointing to another event!

Should be this

Thanks, updated!

Just finished rehearsal for webinar “Using ERPNext for U.S. Businesses” @Kundendu_Singh and @PalkanP said “Well if that’s all you have, I guess we have to go with it…”

NO! They said I PASSED! So we are a GO! for Friday AM. (US time)

Watch me connect beer, Blue Angels, and a canyon into 5 reasons why you should get off Quickbooks and onto ERPNext to get your business to the next level.

You can also see my throwdown on why I consider myself to be one of the smartest people in the community. (Oh yeah, I am going there.)


Really excited for this! I am working on migrating our business processes out of Salesforce and into erpnext … It will be great to hear and see how others are using it.


@MichaelPinkowski is a visionary leader with decades of actionable experience that all business leaders and entrepreneurs can learn from!


Will this be recorded/reposted?

Could we know if there is an expected duration of the webinar?

@roberp The webinar will be recorded and we will share the link once the video it is ready.

@dj12djdjs The expected duration is 45 mins.


The webinar has started. You can join us here - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89191830893

Couldn’t make it, but looking forward to the watching the video as soon as it’s ready.

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The video recording is out. Watch it here!