Website builder and ERPNext integration

Hello guys!

I am happy to see there is an active community here :slight_smile:

I have several clients which want to use an ERP system and build a company website plus an eCommerce site. I am completely new about ERP systems but reading the forum in the last 2-3 days for several different products made me think that it won’t be that hard to learn it (correct me if I am wrong)

Usually, I build the sites on Magento or WooCommerce but I saw some members recommend building the front with and then integrate it with ERPNext. My question is, how can we do this? How to fully integrate a built website with Mobirise in the ERPNext?

You will need to create a custom app. After creating the custom app then import the mobirise website files and create pages that you can later link in the website module. Go through Frappe documentation for the codes to kickstart.