Website footer settings

I’m running latest 7.0.x and need some advice on tailoring the out of box style. I want to put up a relatively large footer as shown by this table in website settings.

that then shows all bunched up in the lower left of the webpage

I see in the page source some interesting markup

**<div class="col-sm-6 text-left">**
				<div class="row">
				**<div class="col-sm-3">**
						<ul class="list-unstyled navbar-nav">

I assume this is bootstrap css, but what i don’t know is how to override it so that its not all bunched up. I am not showing the signup in the footer, so I don’t need 3 small columns down there. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

@James_Robertson Thanks for reporting. This needs to be fixed. Can you put this in a GitHub Issue?


I know there is a large backlog, any idea when this can be fixed? Not sure of the level of effort. My website looks ghastly with that footer.