Website home page

i have created a custom page and have been successful in making it the home page
when erpnext loads, it still shows the login page … http://localhost:8080/login#login
it resorts to my custom homepage only after i click the company logo on the left hand top corner of the page…http://localhost:8080/
how do i make it show the custom page as default landing page


You can try changing the page in the home section from Website settings>Landing page.

Though Home Page (Standard pages - index, login, products, blog, about, contact)

I’m not sure if your custom page will be set or not. You can try.

doing this by making an app and change the www folder to overwrite the base and web pages would be a better way as far as I can think about, you can refer to this discussion with a similar objective as you , might be helpful.

Hi fnrfarid and bharat_suthar
thanks a lot for the reply
i got it working through website settings
the problem was with firefox by default loading the loginpage
Admin can close the issue
thanks again