Website integration with ERP

Good Day Everyone!

I am trying to integrate my website with ERP, as the leads may come directly to the ERP from my website.
Can you please guide me how to do that? Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You will be using the ERPNext Web Page right?

You need to give more information of your plan. As that will give members clear view of ur requirement.

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Sure, yes I will be using ERPNext Web Page.

And my plan is to integrate my wordpress website with ERP. My website is used for sales purpose, it gets leads. And now I want to store those leads into the ERP.

Try using plugins we have found this and excellent way to do support and leads. We use popup builder iframe add-on to call the ERPNext site with taking them to another site.

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Thanks imllc for sharing this tutorial. I watched this tutorial but couldn’t get it that how ERP can be integrated into my website through those pop ups and plugins. Can you please explain? Thanks

Once installed in WordPress you can use PB iframe popup which has a variety of ways of being called we use a button on our main site which when selected uses a PB short code to call the iframe popup which is set to specific pages in ERPNext like support login in page and contact us for leads. When executed a pop with ERPNext hovers over main page where the client can enter information directly into ERPNext. The nice thing about PB is you have many controls including departure avoidance so you can engineer their response if necessary.

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The wordpress site is live, so is it possible to do these thing in the site now?

yes just download the plugin and have at it we have been using it for about a year.


I don’t have privileges to install any thing. It is just a task assigned to me to integrate site with ERP, might be through coding. So any other option rather than this?

also try posting on for development questions

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Okay, thanks.

if your developer can install the plugin and you can edit WordPress then no coding necessary works out of the box.

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Okay, I will try, thanks.