Website > Product Image Size: Optimal Size and Type?

I am looking for a little guidance to see if anyone has suggestions on the image size for products used in the website? I am running into an issue where an image sized 294x696 is cut off. After changing the image size it and uploading it no longer shows. I am assuming there is a type constraint? Also is there an optimal size?

Can you try refresh after clearing browser’s cache? Perhaps that’s the reason you are not able to view updated image.

If you are referring to an image on Homepage, then you should update image from:

Website > Homepage

Can you share the screenshots of images and item’s website page?

@umair I did clean cache and reloaded page, and tried in another browser.

I think there is a problem with the new image that I uploaded. I was really looking for a recommended format to use for the images, e.g. *.png and square aspect ration?

Can you please share the image so that I can try on my local.