Website sales order create without submit


is it possible that when making a new order from the website the Sales order created is not submitted? Some orders that contain certain products must be supervised manually before submitting.

Right now, the sales order is submitted, so in order to change it, we have to cancel it and amend.

Idea of a shopping cart is self-service, so that is the design as of now. If you are doing this (cancel-amend) there is something in your process you need to automate.

Yes, our process is not automated, but has a business reason.

We are working with returned empties. If we would automate completely the process, we would have 2 disadvantages:

  1. the returned empties (for instance returned empty bottles) should be listed as items so the assortment of goods in the website would not be so clean anymore.
  2. the customer must beforehand explicitly says the quantity of empties that will return in an order and this may complicate the buying process.

Our preferred option would be to receive the order without empties and then the ERP admin includes the empties according to what happened in the delivery. Maybe is an option to progress the sales order to Delivery Note and make the changes there?

How about creating a custom Web Form?

Yes, we tried also to explore that option in another discussion, but it is impossible to insert a Sales Order with web forms:

In the on_update method of the Web Form DocType, just insert a Sales Order using the API

Added a couple of KB docs:

(taking opportunity to update the KB!)