Website table/list view Customization

I want to include one more field each in the ‘ORDERS’, ‘INVOICES’,‘SHIPMENTS’ pages of ERPNext.
for example, in SHIPMENTS page, i want to add the column ‘Driver’ to each Delivery Note.

so there will be columns like,

Delivery Order No.
Item Status Amount Date Driver
Lux-GRE-L To Bill R 40.00 Yesterday Mr. XYZ

But the order.html file is works as the skelteon for all three(ORDERS,INVOICES and SHIPMENTS).
in list.html there is code for displaying the above,
{% for item in result %}
{{ item }}
{% endfor %}

Can anybody tell me from where the ‘result’ is taking data?
Please help…

Hi @Amalendu,

Check below file

Thanks, Rohit

Thanks alot…
I got it.
It works , but when i change it reflects in all others Viz Orders, Invoices and Shipments too…
So for separate html file for Shipments alone, where should I mention that?
Can you help me in this too…

Did you ever solve this?