Website User - Role, Permission

After successful login of new user he is able to see the data of another user data. How to restrict it?

For Doctype permission i give access as turiya form user. A new user as turiya form user he can insert the form and view. But it shows the total doctype data. how to restrict? Thankyou

Hi @Ramki_Marichamy,

If you haven’t applied then please enable the if user is the owner it and check it.

If User-A then User-A created related data will show only.

Thank You!

Hi @NCP ,
Thank you for the reply.

I set it to if user is the owner. It shows after that i tried that Role → Role Permission Manager → only if creator. It’s worked.

I had another doubt
New user has default website user role.
For every new user can we assign a new-role by default. Without setting manually? I tried website user type to link with the new role i created is it correct way?

Here i selected role i created and doctype to be shown, but i cant select id.
Whether it’s not correct approach. How to set the turiyaform user role default to every new user.
Thank you for your time

Hi @Ramki_Marichamy,

I suggest the best way, first do create a Role profile and added a role.
Then do set the default role profile in the user doctype. so when a web user/user creates an account then will auto-set the role profile which you set as a default role profile.

Maybe it will become helpful for you.

Thank You!


Thank you so much. It’s working bro.

Hi bro,
In webform’s there is a option to see our list of webforms. It shows every user forms in list , i want to restrict that how to do? If we try to open means it shows the doctype permission you don’t have access to open thats okay. But the user has to see their own webform list. How to do.

Hmm :thinking:,

We haven’t an idea but apply and check it.

Thank You!

Hi bro i already does that but i don’t know how it’s coming. if any idea means just send it.