Website User - Scope Visibility on Explicit Invoices and Issues

Hello all,

Is there a way to scope visibility on specific invoices and issues? For example, if I have an Organization (ABC Inc.) and three users (User 1, 2, and 3), the current scope of visibility is:

→ Invoices: ALL users see invoices
→ Support Tickets: Only user who created support ticket sees it

I would like to essentially invert this, where only the primary contact can see invoices, and support tickets can be seen by all users.

Is there a configuration method on which I can achieve this? If not, can someone point me to the right source code files to modify?


I don’t think this is configurable right now.

This would involve a way of setting roles on website users and then doing permissions.

I think eventually we might have to go that way, but I don’t see this out of the box at the moment.

Hi @rmetha,

No problem! Is there a simple way I can do a check in the controller code for that view where I simply see if the user is flagged as the primary contact? That way I can just hide the list if so?