Website v13 - items with variants not showing after update

After update to V13.12 the items in the e-commerce website with variants no longer work.

if you click the “select variant” button the modal pops up but is blank.

no console errors show with inspect element.

made fresh new product and created variants and published it to the site. it too pops up a blank modal when you try to select variant in the shopping cart…

made a new server and updated everything. made a new product with a simple variant and published to website and checked and it as well pops up a blank modal… something seems to have happened with the latest update rendering the website shopping cart useless
it looks like some work is being done here.

hmm still haven’t been able to get this working. is everybody’s websites not working now cause variants are down?

You need to create a “Website Item” from the Item, and publish it. This is new in V13.12

I do see website items for the products? if I go to awesome bar and search for website item list

if I click on one, I see a checkbox that is checked for Variants

as far as I can tell there are website items created when I updated.

all is working now with 13.13.0

Its not working for me. I updated to 13.13.0