Weekly Working Hours for Employee used for Attendance

Hello everyone,

We have a customer in need of tracking hours vie Employee Checkin and Attendance. As they have workers who only work part time we find it difficult to get the numbers into the system.

We would like to have an overview on with a worker can see all his clocked hours agains the hours he should be working per day. As there are different models of hours e.g. one has Monday (4,5 hours), Thursday (6 hours) and Friday (8 hours) we can not use Shift Type to solve this.

Here is a template on how we would like to solve this.

Create a DocType for setting up Weekly Working hours per Employee

Here we have a link to a Holiday List to all the days that the employee is NOT working. This could be matched in one way or another…

In Attendance tracked hours are based on Employee Checkins (green in the following pricture). Linked through the Employee we could pull the hours from the Weekly Working Hours (marked in red).

The hours tracked could be used in some kind of “account” which is filled by Working Hours Employee and deducted by Attendance.

Employees would then be able to see their actual hours and there target hours. These could be shown in charts for Week, Month and Year.

We will go forward on building something in this field as we will not be using the Overtime Feature as suggested by frappe/erpnext with timesheets. Hopefully we can allign the two that they stay usable to one another!

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Thanks for the details on scenario. Since this is sounding more like a edge case (atleast where we come from), it will better be separate feature which customers can enable / install (not sure).

Just a suggestion if you can give a though on using Shift Roaster for tracking hours / per day. This will save new doctype and it’s setup. For the summation of hours, perhaps we can have a standard report like:

Employee, Planned Hours (Shift Type / Roaster), Actual hours (based on attendance), Difference value

A report like this could also be part of core HR module.

Thank you for your feedback. I can not find anything with the name “Shift Roaster” is this a DocType coming in future releases?

Your idea with the reports should work. We have also done some tests on that. The only thing we are really missing is the possibilty to define single days.

Maybe if we had something like Shift Assignment used for days of the week instead/additional to “from” “till” could work.

Could anything go wrong if a Employee changes shifts every other day repeating on a weakly basis?

Something like this?

Wow that is exactly what we would need!

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@wojosc The Feature Shift Roaster and reports related to that is still in our HR Roadmap and development is still not Started yet. We will update you with the pull request Link on the same thread.