Weight based on variants

Hi @ll,

I want to use a conversation factor which is based on Item variants.

As an example (just for understanding), i have two item attributes which I use,

  1. container
  2. content
    My UOM is “boxes”

I have a drink in five variants:

drink - can - 6#330ml
drink can - 6#500ml
drink - pet - 12#500ml
drink - bottle - 6#500ml
drink - pet - 24#1ltr

… a customer is ordering a few different variants, like

2boxes → drink - can - 6#330ml
1box → drink - bottle - 6#500ml

Now I have to produce that

so how can I know how much liter I have to produce, coz the UOM conversation did not work against my attributes (as far as I know)?

The following is just further information …. if you already know what I mean, then don’t need to read more :wink:


the attribute “6*500ml” equals three liter …. and so on

My only idea is to create any attribute kind as an own UOM, create all conversation factors and after that maintain any variant manual (setup the selling UOM), which is a high effort (coz we have a lot of products) … and I cannot believe that this is the correct approach ….

How can I realize that on a professional way? Does anyway know that?


UOM (default/manufacturing) is liter,

UOM (sales) is “box”

conversation factor is 3 == based on box→attribute “6#500ml”

best reagrds

You could try setting the weight of the product as the total weight in ml or litres.

This way you will know how much litres to produce based on the total weight of the products in the order.

Unless you also want to keep count of the various types of bottles/cans and boxes in stock… Then the solution you thought of is the only way I can imagine without going for some customizations.