Weight Instead of Quantity


Maybe a silly question, but i cant figure out how to enter weight instead of quantity, 1, 2 or 3.

If i am raising a purchase order and buying meat by KG, or any other products by weight, lets say 4.5kg whatever the item is, how do i enter this or where do i enter it?

At moment if i put this in quantity then it obviously gives the wrong result, as it is set by quantity of items…

Please help if anyone has come across this before…

Many thanks

@ermalc use Weight in Qty and inform the UOM (Unit of Measure) as lb, Kg etc! Will work as the same way!

Why do you mean that are you getting the wrong result? What is wrong?


thanks for your feedback, if i add a new row on a Purchase Order, i get the Quantity and Rate fields, obviously quantity works fine as it is, for individual items, boxes, bottles, etc etc…

We order items as quantity and also as weight, but the fields on here are set as Quantity , so if one of our chefs was to order 5.6kg of meat and typed this in the quantity field then this would take it or translate it as 5.6 items multiplied by the price of example £30 , example, 5.6 x £30 = £168.

We would like to just pick weight and enter the weight in numbers and the price for it… not sure how to set this up…

We have created different UOMs KG, Box, Litres, etc… , but still can’t figure out how to change this between quantity and weight as to when needed…

hope the above makes sense…

@ermalc, the weight is a UOM, and you can manage the conversion factors between a Unit, for example:

1 box have 25kg

The conversion factor from box to Kg = 1/25
If you sell 2.6 kg of meat, is the same ot 1 / 25 * 2.6, but you only need enter the unit that do you need use, and the amount of the unit

@ermalc you enter
Qty=4.5(kg) Rate=Price/kg
Qty=4.5(box) Rate=Price/box