Weird Inventory Error

ERPNext: v12.6.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework:** v12.4.1 (version-12)

Warehouse were set as Warehouse #A for such items in both purchase order followed by purchase receipt in submitted status.

Now, the weird issue is, some items were reflected to Warehouse #A as it should while the rest of items has been reflected into another Warehouse #B.

All related fields for warehouses in items master were set to Warehouse #A as well for all items included in purchase order and purchase receipt documents.

Cancel, delete and re-create purchase order and purchase receipt documents doesn’t resolve the issue.

Stock Ledger shows the right inventory entry (i.e. releflected to Warehouse #A) while the Stock Summary shows the wrong inventory transaction (i.e. releflected to Warehouse #B)

Please advise on how to investigate the above mentioned issue and to correct it.

You can do the stock entry to transfer the inventory from warehouse B to warehouse A. Check the warehouse in item detail of each transaction. If its warehouse A, then there is some bug. Else somebody have selected the WH B first and then change it to A. But it didn’t effected the item table.

yes I can do manual transfer or even not use purchase receipt anymore but that’s not the common.

Dealing with 100+ products with 12 variants (level #1) and another 5 variants (level #2) is difficult to go through every submitted purchase receipt to see where the quantities were reflected to transfer it manually.

I confirm that, In items table, each item were set to Warehouse #A in addition to item master.

It is a bug but I have no idea what is root causes as nothing logged.