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The new forums look great. Much better than the rubbish Google groups. Once again great work by the team esp. @pdvyas.

I hope that the user forums would also be transferred someday.

Hi People !

Who knows Bitnami ? (www.bitnami.com)

Accordind to the site, “Bitnami is a library of popular server applications and development environments that can be installed with one click, either in your laptop, in a virtual machine or hosted in the cloud. We take care of compiling and configuring the applications and all of their dependencies (third-party libraries, language runtimes, databases) so they work out-of-the-box. The resulting packaged software (a ‘stack’) is then made available as native installers, virtual machines and cloud images. These Bitnami application packages provide a consistent, secure and optimized end-user experience when deploying any app, on any platform.”

Bitnami has a monthly contest to deploy new applications, and ERPNEXT can be the next deploy.
We need to vote on ERPNEXT at the Bitnami´s site to win the contest.

Who wants to help, please vote…

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