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RE: We’re Still Looking For These Items

  • We still need the location of the database connector and settings. Most likely a script of sort containing the ip address for the database. We know where the username and password settings are located.

  • We also need the .CSV file for the SQL server.

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RE: We’re Still Looking For These Items

Well, this week is closing out and I can presume to expect no answers and the same issues for another year.

I’m going to provide the review to AWS and SystemSector to mark this platform as DOA.

Good Luck.

I appreciate that you’re taking time in trying out ERPNext.

Yes, it’s possilbe to host the database on a different host (have replied about it on your original thread).

I did not understand what you mean by CSV file for the SQL Server. The database schema is stored as json files in the repository and is synced to the database automatically (on install and update).

Also, I find your posts a tad bit hostile. Yes, you didn’t get fast replies on the forum (maybe because most members are in a different timezone). ERPNext is free software, if you don’t like something, you can file an issue, or even fix it and get it merged in the upstream tree. This is how many successful free software projects work.

May be this will help you.

 bench frappe --mysql

will give access to sql server.

for sql query, refer SQL Tutorial

show tables;

will list all tables in database.

  1. Did you tried data import tool in ERPNext
    You can export data in CSV also you can import data in csv.

bench frappe --backup

will take backup of your database in archive file.
sambhaji@sambhaji-hp:~/develop/frappe-bench$ bench frappe --backup
database backup taken - ./local.site1/private/backups/20150319_19745648_database.sql.gz - on 2015-03-19 11:56:10.861001
path of backup file: /home/sambhaji//frappe-bench/sites/local.site1/private/backups

bench frappe --restore ./local.site1/private/backups/20150319_19745648_database.sql site1.local --force

this will restore backup.

This platform is awesome! NOT DOA!

Also, please educate yourself in the skills needed with this system. Python, JavaScript and MySQL. Understanding the Bootstrap web framework would be handy as well.