What about upgrade to Bootstrap 4.x

We need as a front-end developer to use bootstrap 4.x , i hope it will be available in latest version :slight_smile:

This does not answer your question, but for the record -

For instance no responders here to @ganas Migrating to Bootstrap 4

And the pending release runs this

frappe@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name bootstrap.css | xargs grep Bootstrap
 * Bootstrap v3.3.1 (http://getbootstrap.com)
frappe@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ bench version
erpnext 11.0.3-beta.2
frappe 11.0.0-beta

However now with the Cypress test framework recently introduced, that would help and encourage your upgrade to Bootstrap 4 and the effort too for GUI tests to be added?

It seems Faris has that in mind for v12? Website: Product Configurator and Bootstrap 4 by netchampfaris · Pull Request #15965 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi there,

I found V12 is still using bootstrap 3.3 for print format,
can anyone tell me how to update the bootstrap to 4.x or 5.x on my own.

I’m afraid that the outlook of the website will get broken as it has been breaking changes since bootstrap 4.x?

In version 13 the bootstrap upgraded to version 4 with redesign application

Hey Abdo,

Thanks for your reply.

I have looked a few posts about V13, but I don’t think I can easier upgrades the tech stack to V13 as I have done a lot of customization in self-host ERPNext instance.

Is there any chance I can use bootstrap 4 for custom print format in V12 ?

Hi, did you manage to sort this?

I can confirm that in v13, Print format is using bootstrap 3

Hi JeansReal,

Thank you for asking, I didn’t sort this one out as I am still using V12.
I end up using custom css mainly for my print format.

But I do think they upgraded the print format to use bootstrap 4 in V13 though, the node_modules is used in print format as I remember that print format is generating PDF using HTML which have bootstrap4 in head section.

I guess a better idea would be posting your own question for things like “how do I use bootstrap 4 or 5 for print format”.

Hope that helps.

I’m showing Bootstrap 4.6 in my v13 environment.

cd frappe-bench/apps/frappe
yarn list --depth=0 | grep bootstrap

And on GitHub, package.json for frappe definitely calls out for v4 of Bootstrap.