What am I missing about unique value fields?

I’ve been playing around, trying to clean up date to import to various tables (items, manufacturers, warehouses, etc.) and I am so confused why some of the fields ERPNext uses are the unique key?

For example in manufacturers the required field is the “Short Name” So now I have to make an extra column of data in my CSV that includes a short name, in addition to the Full Name. The Full Name is not required. I can’t create duplicate Short Names. I mean, that’s good, but why is that the unique key?
I think have to update my items list to now use the Short Names…etc. I can’t add the items using the normal full company name. I’ll get “not found” error on import. This is just an example, but I’m seeing this everywhere. Every warehouse added gets “- ” added to it. So I have to update every item’s warehouse with the new name. Exhausting!

I would expect every record to have an auto-generated and auto-incrementing ID and that would be the unique key. Is there a way to set ERPNext up like this…similar to Salesforce?

Check this and Stock Settings

Thanks. Unfortunately, those settings don’t apply to manufacturers, warehouses, or the appending of " - " to the warehouse names. Can’t modify master doctypes either, to include naming_series as the primary key. Very frustrating.