What are best practices on running separate production and development servers together?

Hello community,
I am having troubles on updating my ErpNext installation from v8.08 to the latest stable release for many hours. I was very worried about losing the customizations I made, so the process was very long. I still can not find the safest way.
On the other hand, I will make new future updates and developments for the test purposes on a development server, and then think about migrate them to a production server.
I would be appreciated if you share your experiences on applying best practices?
Thanks in advance

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@Ozgur_GUNDURU: we usually approach it as follows

  1. Building separate VMs (or at least separate bench instances) for staging / development and production instances of ERPNext
  2. Packaging/leveraging all of customizations into a separate custom Frappe App with its own repo on github
  3. Once satisfied with testing results on the development instance, committing latest changes to the custom app repo
  4. Updating the same custom app on the production instance

I hope it could be helpful.



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