What are good strategies for creating the Item Group Tree and Child subgroups?

What are the uses of the item group feature? Just reports or navigation for the desk top or the website too? I want to figure out how to best create the Item Group Tree for products that we sell. Like paint. Do I set up Interior vs Exterior or Latex vs Oil? What about paint that is both Interior and Exterior? How detailed should I get? Should i add categories for size, color, brand, gloss or flat? Does it get too complicated or is more better?

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Item Group is how you can slice and dice data. So reports definitely. Sometimes, you will want valuation of stocks according to some groups. Item Group can help here. Other places are Sales Trends, Purchase Trends.

Web site too. Don’t get too complicated and detailed. Start with your reports and you will get a good sense of the Item Groups that you need. As few as possible. As many as necessary is a good cliche for Item Groups as well.

Trust that helps.



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The KISS method. Yes that helps, until the next response to this post is the total opposite and recommends a more complex approach. Just kidding.

Thank you Jay.