What are people doing for tracking incoming shipments?

We resell stuff, and have a process something like:

  • Get lead
  • Convert lead to opportunity
  • Make sale/receive payment
  • Order equipment
  • Build order
  • Install/test equipment
  • Train/support/receive payment

At the ‘order equipment’ stage, I’d like something in place so I can track shipments; who we ordered from,what we paid, terms we paid on, distributor order number, shipping carrier, tracking number, shipping address, etc. I’m new to this ERP stuff and am not real sure what the best way to go about that is - should I create a new doctype and make it do what I need, or is there something in place (or many things?) that already do this, and I’m just missing it?


It seems like the “Buying” module has everything you’d want there. You can create Material Requests, get Quotations (RFQ/SQs), issue POs, issue Purchase receipts.

There are aspects of it there, but they’re scattered around and dont quite show a single picture of active shipments. I think I need to create a new doctype and go from there.

If you go to Purchase Orders, you can see the status of each one. “To Receive” is probably what you’d be looking for.