What are "Sub Operations" and how do you create/use them? Cannot find any docs for this

Working in the Manufacturing module…

Okay, I am not completely new to using Operations, but in past versions there was no function called “Sub Operations” such as the one now available in my current V13.11.1 production system. (See Screenshot)


So what is a Sub Operation and how do I create them?

Once created can they be reused in other operations?

Or do they exist only within the operation where they are created?

I cannot find anything in the official documentation on this “Sub Operations” catagory that would tell me anything about how to create them or how to use them.

Can anyone point me to something in an alternate documentation repo that explains sub operations?

If not, then is there anyone currently using this portion of the operation that can explain how to create and use them?

Thanks in advance for ANY help at all. :nerd_face:


I was just creating my first Operation in a new installation and wanted to try to figure out how to use the “Sub Operation” functions but when I add a row and then click in the row to do something, I get a message telling me there is nothing in the operation?!?

Not sure what I am doing here. Can anyone explain? (See Screenshot)


To my knowledge I had not set any filters so the message is confusing at best and most unhelpful.


Is anybody actually using operations in their Manufacturing instance?

If so do you also use “Sub Operations” ??

Looking for any information on what is a Sub Operation and how they are implemented.


this pull request introduced the sub operation feature

possible to track operation progress down to sub operation level?

Thanks for the link @szufisher

I read through everything there but there is still no indication of how to create sub operations. I can see they are intended to flow possibly sequentially on a job card, but how does one create them as opposed to regular operations?


I have not used sub-operation, but it seems they are just standard operations.
Ex: you create operations 1, 2 and 3. Then set operations 2 and 3 as sub-operations of 1.

:astonished: :exploding_head:

Well… I guess that would explain why I could not find any special way of creating a sub operation, because it is just a regular operation nested into yet another operation. :roll_eyes:

This is where the official documentation needs some help. The simple statement that sub operations are just operations in a cronological list and assigned to another operation would have been quite helpful.


Well then what is the difference between sub-operations and just making a routing with Operations 1, 2 and 3 in order ?


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