What are the correct steps from buying to reselling?

We are a company that buys Microsoft Windows and Office Licenses and then resell them at a higher price earning a comission.

What would be the best way to use ERP Next for this process? Normally we send the Sales Invoice to our client before we purchase the licenses and send install them for the client. So our first step would be to create a sales invoice. And the next step would be to purchase the licenses from Microsoft.

The question is this: when buying the licenses from Microsoft, should we register it as a Stock Entry, or should we do it through the “Purchase Order” process? And at what point would this purchase be registered as an expense?



what you are saying here is that you purchase Microsoft license and you sell it to your customer. This is a simple purchase cycle and sales cycle. You can go with Purchase order and then after creating the stock entry you can further proceed with your sales order.
According to me this will be the simple and best practice.

Refer the following : Buying: Buying