What are the data limits in ERPNext?


I am evaluating ERPNext for a manufacturing client of mine. Is there any documentation around the data limits of the cloud version?

Specifically I mean how many customers, items, vendors, sales orders can this system handle before the end user would notice any performance issues?

How big is the largest company that is using this system?




There is no Data limit in ERPNext but when you are hosted on our cloud you are provided with a limited space. If the space provided to you is all used up, you can buy extra space.

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I think the largest number we’ve heard is a 20,000 employee company


Do you know how many of this 20,000 employees use ERPNext ?


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Thank you. Is there a page where we buy the additional space?

You can email us your request at support@erpnext.com and we will provide you with Payment Details. Most probably it is 1GB/ $60.