What are the limitations of Self Hosted vs ERPNext Hosted

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ERPNext packages are affordable and come with support which makes a huge difference when starting out. How would one chose based intended customisations?
What are the limitations of the ERPNext cloud?

This would assist users in creating a roadmap using both or just one if required.

@Samoroai7 You can visit the page : ERPNext Pricing 2022 to check the limitations in the plans.

Also, if you are hosted on cloud, you can get Onboarding and support services from the Frappe team, else self hosted users are redirected to the community for any kind of setup or guidance. Also you can self host on your instance and subscribe for the support services.

I think that if you are in the ERPNext Cloud you does not have access to the code, so you can’t have custom apps. But I don’t know it for sure because I never used the ERPNext Cloud

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@Nahuel_Nso Yes, you are right. If you are subscribed on ERPNext cloud, you cannot access the code or create custom apps, this is an advantage of having a self hosted version of ERPNext.

Although if you are ERPNext cloud hosted, you get better support services that can guide you through the entire onboarding to setting up your instance of any number of users.

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Note this Frappe Cloud offering just introduced: