What biometric attendance systems are compatible with ERPNext?

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What type of biometric attendance system should I seek to ensure compatibility with ERPNext?

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Anything from ZKTeco basically. However, there are 2 types of devices from ZKTeco in my experience. One is Black, the other is Colored. Black is like a codename for some of their devices that aren’t API friendly but do support the SDK, have no visual screen on the device itself.

The colored is like a codename as well, and those devices have visual screen on themselves. And they support APIs.

Go with devices that have visual screens on them from ZKTeco.

I have no experience with other brands. Did try, but they were often ugly, dumb-er, etc compared to ZKTeco.

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Thank you for your response! ZKTeco provides the models shown on this website: http://www.zkteco-eg.com/product-category/time-attendance/biometric-ta-device/fingerprint-device/

How can I know which support APIs (and therefore will work with ERPNext) and which dont?


To be clear ERPNext by itself does not support any Bio-metric device directly… All ERPNext supports is the processing of IN/OUT logs (i.e. Employee Checkin DocType) to mark attendance. The part where you push the IN/OUT logs from your Biometric device to ERPNext is up to you. Having said that, there is a ready made script available that helps you push IN/OUT logs to ERPNext from most ZKTeco devices or any device that supports the ZKProtocol (most ESSL Devices). Here is a link of supported devices by that script: Link

Also, It would be appreciated if you do a basic google search and go through some existing questions before asking questions here.

Here is another thread that has the information you are looking for:

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@karthikeyan5 if you can help us with a small video how we can use that script.

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All the biometric attendance and access control devices listed at Buy Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control System With Web API or Online SDK | Cams Biometrics are supported for ERPNext integration. Refer ErpNext Integration - ErpNext Integration with Live Biometric Attendance System (from Ver.11.0.3) | Cams Biometrics for information…

Web APIs are paid services, ZKTeco doesnt sell directly, They have API partner like CAMS, Check their api documentation at Universal Biometric API for Time and Attendance System | Biometric Web API| Cams Biometrics

Hi, any idea what the below error means ?

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