What configuration should my server have to run ERPNext with say 10 sites?

Would a server with 4 GB RAM and 50 GB storage be enough for around 5 daily active users per site?

Maybe a bit more RAM would be nice, but it will work with 4G.
The storage should also work, but… if users are uploading images etc this will fill up very quickly.

The OS and app will probably use <20GB
5 users x 10 sites is 50 users…and users are reckless with YOUR disk space, so yes, it will work, but you should monitor it frequently and carefully. If the disk gets full, the system will not function properly until you give it back the space it needs

interesting… i remember when i had to switch floppy disk because my hdd could only hold the os and a few core programs.

Yep… those pesky users just ruin everything for us old-school fellas.
I was one of the “elite” who had a dual-floppy system! Some very fancy guys could even read 1.2MB floppy disks too.

Thanks! And yeah I can upgrade storage space whenever I want with my cloud provider luckily

Maybe that’s too much for a 4GB RAM
In the standard case, it is recommended to limit the number of erpnext systems (Sites) to one for every 2GB of RAM, as this will ensure that the server has enough resources to run the system without any performance degradation. In addition, it is recommended to monitor system performance and adjust the number of erpnext systems accordingly.