What do i need from other head of departments?


I am still in the middle of deploying ERPN.
My top management ask me to come up with a masterplan first on how this enterprise management system will be deployed and implemented. I need to highlight the project planning implementation in a form of timeline, and also what the other departments need to give to me.

When I say the other departments, I mean the HR module will represent HR Department, Accounting will represent Finance Department and so on. I never deploy this kind of application, and I dont know what data do I need from them to make ERPN runs. I am just an IT guy who will install this at our own server, do some customization to map our business process into the ERPN.

Can someone help me on this? Especially on what the other departments need to give (data) to me to the respective modules?

@blackfriday find someone from each of those departments and do a few “test” cycles on a test instance. You will quickly figure this out.