What do the selections after the "Bench update" command mean?


i tried to update the bench with “bench update” but this is what i got;

Cannot proceed with update: You have local changes in app "frappe" that are not committed.

Here are your choices:

1. Merge the frappe app manually with "git pull" / "git pull --rebase" and fix conflicts.
1. Temporarily remove your changes with "git stash" or discard them completely
        with "bench update --reset" or for individual repositries "git reset --hard"
2. If your changes are helpful for others, send in a pull request via GitHub and
        wait for them to be merged in the core.

what are those mean? what would happen if i select any one of them?

i did not have any local changes, i just created an app, then i deleted it completly

and i choosed “bench update --reset”, i am not sure what i did, can someone explain please?

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@meraki you can check the changes in frappe folder . open apps/frappe then run git diff --name-only . or just git diff .
if you are confident you had no changes go ahead with --reset . this will reinstall the frappe and erpnext apps to default . database will remain untouched .