What does "HOLD INVOICE" actually do?

I saw there is a section HOLD INVOICE in the Purhcase Invoice Form (maybe also on the Sales Invoice, didn’t check)

I am wondering

  1. what is the difference for using this from just not Submitting an Invoice yet?
  2. what happens on the “Release Date”?

I my scenario I have often a situation where I need to make a payment, before I know the Supplier Invoice No. (so I can not Submit the Invoice before receiving the goods which will have an Invoice coming with them). For now I am do “Make Payment” from a “Purchase Order” Document and add this as “Advance Payment” once I am ready to Submit the "Purchase Invoice. Now I was wondering whether the HOLD INVOICE would do anything in my favor in such a scenario.

You can refer this doc for this

You‘re so right. It’s always a great idea to read the manual. Thanks!