What does running ERPnext cost?

If I’m self-hosting ERPNext as a company (100 employees), can you give an estimate amount of work (in hours) required from different roles for introducing and running the system?

For example: Database Administrator: 50 hours introduction + 160 hours per year.

ERPNext is free for self-hosting(on-premises). Cloud hosting will charge 150$ per user per year. ERPNext Developer who introduce and setup system will cost based on hours. Average cost range is 50$ to 90$. The time required to setup system is about 20hours. Introducing the system how the system will take about 50hours. There are plenty of videos and courses on youtube also.

Thanks for your fast reply. Do you mean 20 + 50 hours to setup cloud hosting or on premises?

I guess on premises I will also need someone to take constant care of updates, security, backups. Do you have any time estimates for this?

@rmeyer Can you make a detailed list of questions? I would be happy to work with our in-house team to try to answer these accurately.

We run out self-hosted instance on Amazon and have one full time guy in house for administration.

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https://erpnext.org/erpnext-jobs maybe an appropriate place to post your requirements or if you are looking for ERPNext hosting you can email on sales@erpnext.com or support@erpnext.com

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