What does the flt() function do?

Hello all

Please help me understand what flt() does. Any link to documentation?

Thanks so much


I may help to say where you have encountered it. The context or code in which it is found may lead someone to be able to help.

Oh sure…

In client-side JS custom code. I suspect it converts field-types such as Currency and Percent to floats but would appreciate confirmation.

console.log(flt) returns function flt$1(e, t, n), but I’m not enough of a developer to investigate any further :hot_face: What are the e t and n?




So it’s formatting the value given to a number format and decimal at the client side.


Thanks so much @kennethsequeira

In general, how do I find the definition of a function on github? Let’s say I’m looking for flt?

If I’m using Github I’ll use the option to check the definition:

You’ll get the option to find in the same repo.

If you have the code locally, the search options in a code editor like VS Code or Atom are quite powerful in helping you find the definitions.

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