What does this setting does? "Update Existing Price List Rate"

Hi Guys,

In Stock Settings in v14 there is a setting called “Update Existing Price List Rate”. In the documentation, I could not find what function this activates.

From the name it sounds like the Item Price will be updated when transactions are done at different prices. But my tests failed to validate this. So I’m wondering what this setting is for?


		if item_price and item_price.name:
			if item_price.price_list_rate != price_list_rate and frappe.db.get_single_value(
				"Stock Settings", "update_existing_price_list_rate"
				frappe.db.set_value("Item Price", item_price.name, "price_list_rate", price_list_rate)
					_("Item Price updated for {0} in Price List {1}").format(args.item_code, args.price_list),

it is updating the based on item price new rate

Thanks. But it does not seem to do what it claims to do.