What effort should we anticipate moving from v14 to v15 from ERPNext perspective

I understand this varies per client and their ecosystem and context.

I’m trying to understand the best way to approach this and last but not least prepare for the same.

Your inputs will be highly appreciated.

I’m self hosting ERPNext



which implies or can be extended by (according to what you mean by your terms) by “per installation type” which has several dimensions:

  • manual or not
  • dockerized/swarmed/k8sized/whatnotized
  • dev/production
  • type of machine [e.g. arm experimenter, openbsd adventurer]
  • being a newbee, lerner, dev, full-blown expert
  • how and where data is stored
  • knowing how and where it is stored
  • having reliable backups and a proven restoring path if the unspeakable happens
  • precisely when upgrading was stopped before updating
  • you name it

So maybe somebody can give a rough estimate, but without this type of detailed info, it’ll probably be very rough. But I’m not an Expert myself, just an humbled one when sometimes realizing my own knowledge gaps or being reawoken by mishaps, my own or otherwise, which might just happen randomly also.

Many thanks, I agree and would add

  • considerations for on-premise / self-hosted
  • customisations and corresponding impact
  • plan for testing key workflows