What ERPNext Version is used in the docs?

I’m going through the docs, right now the POS docs, and I’m seeing difference’s in the UI (I’m using ERPNext 8). I’m wondering what ERPNext version is used in the docs.


POS was redone fairly recently, ie 7.2 or 8.0 and theh docs generally havent been updated as yet to cover vers 8.

As I mention in this post - [Roadmap] Path to v9 - #8 by James_Robertson - the pull request process does not force the docs to keep up with code changes. So right now the docs are in an interesting state of some v6, some v7 and some v8, especially where screen shots are concerned.

I think that the frappe team is looking at a documentation update or something, not sure though. I also suggested that docs be pulled out and into a separate repository. Might make management easier. I personally could help more there if there was a better build system for windows.

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Yeah. I love contributing as well. A better system would be good for everyone.

You can set up Git on Windows. If you are contributing docs, there shouldn’t be any problems using Git on Windows.

You can also use Github’s editor to directly edit the docs and send pull requests from there.

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Yes that is true. I do use git on windows for some other projects. What i am talking about is the documentation build process built into bench where you can render the docs and see how your changes look outside of markdown files. It is just too much of a pita to commit on windows, sync to repo, pull down linux, build on linux, etc. wash rinse repeat. I would prefer to be able to edit on windows, build from local sandbox to test changes, commit and PR.